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Dental Work/Life Balance - COACH - SPEAKER  - ONE THING TRAINER

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As the son of an orthodontist who died of a heart attack due to stress, Audie is passionate about serving dentists so they do not experience family or financial tragedy. He learned early and up-close the stresses dentists face and is committed to helping dental professionals succeed without losing quality of life or relationship.


Audie is a licensed ONE Thing Trainer which uniquely qualifies him to help dentists through the crisis facing them now. Every practice is different and “no one size fits all” has never been more true in decision making today. Through the principles of The ONE Thing, he helps dentists find and implement a new way of thinking which gives them the clarity and certainty they need.


Audie has led in crisis. In 2011 to 2014 he led the Charlotte Bank of America Customer Assistance Center after the financial crisis to help those in financial hardship. His team consistently ranked #1 serving 2200 families to avoid foreclosure and help save their homes. His diverse business background includes 31 years experience in international consulting, coaching, real estate investing and brokerage. He earned a BA in Economics from UNC Chapel Hill, has lived in Japan and Dubai, and traveled extensively for business.


He currently lives in Pinehurst, NC, with his wife and two daughters. He enjoys mountain bike riding, tennis, facilitating men’s growth groups, and speaking on Peace & Purpose through his educational nonprofit, the World Peace Center, 501c3.


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Darryl Warren, DDS

"Audie allowed me to see and act upon options that I know are right - not telling me what to do but having me see options for thoughts and actions."

How Audie has helped the dental family and others 

Travis Rodgers, CEO, DrDDS

 Danielle Funny DDS

Charlotte Top Doctor Award


David Jones, CFP, Edward Jones

"The ONE Thing helped me say "no" to a lot of good things in my life for the best things. I learned how to optimally prioritize my schedule and transform my business to fulfill more of my life's purpose. I am excited about having more impact, contribution and fulfillment with the people I love and the causes I support."

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